Some of our customers in their own words:

“As the number one in Korea and a global top procurement software solutions provider, EMRO needs to continually innovate and bring increased value to our customers. I have been contemplating starting a new business by incorporating Artificial Intelligence with our current procurement system and services, but we were short on technical expertise in AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. As a valued software innovation partner, Bijusoft played a crucial role in a multistep process: they first brought in globally recognized researchers in these areas to perform a technical review that identified the main opportunity areas as well as the best suited to start, and then they designed and developed a complete prototype product for us to integrate with our existing products and evaluate it with our customers. For our business to grow further, I expect to continue to use the deep technical expertise of the Bijusoft team in the future.”

Jaemin Song, CEO, EMRO

“As the premier world-wide market network for innovation, we solve the hardest problems for our customers by partnering with visionary leaders from our worldwide network of expertise. We have partnered with Bijusoft on multiple cutting-edge software projects, ranging from applying machine learning and artificial intelligence in trading systems and procurement software to computer vision and quantum computing. Every time, Bijusoft brought into each project the most qualified team of experts for that particular problem, played a crucial role in defining the most valuable areas for development, and executed each project in time and of the highest quality. As we continue to grow our customer base and our range of problem areas further, Bijusoft will be critical to our continuous software innovation partnerships in the future.”

Yang-Won Jung, Ph.D., Vice President, Innovation Services Group, Xinova